My journey into the world of weaving

Weaving has begun…but not without a step back or two

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I checked the threading, really I did. I checked it twice! And I did catch one error. We had to make a permanent heddle into a temporary one. (We – my husband helped!)

I tied on and got good even tension across. So then I began to weave some filler. About an inch I guess. And looked at the result. Darn if there wasn’t another threading error! So we adjusted another heddle, I inserted it on the right shaft, rethreaded, resleyed, retied, and retensioned. Wove the filler again and all was well. I have woven about an inch of the pattern and so far so good. Nice and straight across the fell without any smiles up or down or waves.

I did start with a broken end. But it’s almost easier to start with one than later.

I’ll be using the temple from now on – after I hemstitch. I probably won’t get much down for the next two weeks. Next weekend is Commonground!

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