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Fiber updates

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It has been a busy 2 weeks!

The Commonground Fair was wonderful of course. My sister and I strolled through the Fair, enjoying fiberous things. We talked to some spinners. We bought some fiber as if we don’t already have enough! But we bought angora (rabbit) and a mohair mix. So that will be fun to spin. We also bought our first pencil roving and we are eager to see how that spins.

When I last wove, it was pretty rocky. There was the broken end but I also made numerous mistakes so there actually was a lot of unweaving happening. Today I wove smoothly for an hour! I have now woven 28 inches on this second blanket panel. I am using the temple so it is tighter. This will most likely be a problem when I try to put the two panels together! Ah well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I finished spinning a skein of the gray alpaca cria. I need to wash it but there’s a lot! I’m thinking seriously about getting a warp ready for the Tools – an alpaca warp!

I’m away tomorrow and next weekend but I’ll fit some weaving in!

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