My journey into the world of weaving

The reality is …


I was not looking forward to weaving upstairs in my bedroom. It’s colder, no one to chat with, and definitely miss out on all the action downstairs!

So we moved the drawing table upstairs – I don’t really need it and when it is needed, we’ll move it downstairs. We moved the bureau to where the table had been. This bureau holds a lot of my stash and it still holds winter hats and scarves so it is convenient to have it downstairs.

Then we moved the Tools from upstairs to downstairs and I think it’s going to work! I don’t see myself weaving on both, at least for now. So one loom gets moved to the corner or the wall while the other is in use.

Right now I’m preparing the warp on the board – plenty of room.

And I look forward to weaving on the Tools again! And I like having both of my looms in the same room!

3 thoughts on “The reality is …

  1. The enviroment the loom is in seems to greatly affect the weavers mood! I was ‘stuffed’ into two very small bedrooms in one home we owned and I *hated* weaving in that space. Since then I have chosen homes with a daylight basement and a rec room and I’ve been much more productive.
    We are about to sell and move again ( last time!) and I heard Hub telling the realtor what I need so the next house whould be a happy weaving enviroment too.


  2. You like to weave with people about? I find it impossible to work in a social space and can’t do a thing if someone’s standing by me. i find it difficult to find my place again after an interruption.

    i don’t have a home loom just now. i work at college and people are slowly learning to leave me be when i’m working i think.

    i actually feel a lot happier not weaving at home. but then i’ve never had a big enough place to fit life and loom into the same house.

    one of these days i’ll have a barn. or an industrial unit. or both

  3. Thanks for both of your comments!

    I guess it’s an interesting question. I don’t really weave with lots of people about. Just my husband and he knows NOT to come into the room unless it looks like I’m at a place I can be interrupted!

    But I do like hearing background noises – the tv, my husband moving about, the dogs barking once in a while.

    Plus it is warmer downstairs in the winter!

    Someday I would love a huge room for all of my fiber activities! Sunny and warm and lots of space!

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