My journey into the world of weaving

20 inches to go on the scarf

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I think it is weaving up nicely. There’s a small tension problem on the right side where about 3 or 4 ends have stretched or something. Not quite a smile in the fell, perhaps a bit of a wry smile. Just a little uptick there. But I am weaving with consistency so the width is about 10.5 inches thus far. So draw-in is about 1.5 inches. PPI is way more than planned so I am speeding through the white alpaca like crazy. I am sure I have enough for one complete scarf but perhaps not two. So then I’ll use the gray. My goal is to complete 4 scarves before the end of the year. More if I can, all with handspun.

My plans for the Norwood are gelling into a doubleweave project. I really want to try that and see if come up with a good sized blanket! So I am studying patterns and information found on the web on doubleweave.

Still spinning the grey alpaca. After this I do want to spin something not alpaca!

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