My journey into the world of weaving

The promise of a new year


I am eager to begin a new project on the Norwood. I am going to try my hand at doubleweave. I should be getting the yarn tomorrow.

In the meantime, still weaving the stash scarves and will most likely finish the second and last in the next couple of weeks. These are being woven on the Tools of the Trade loom.

Still spinning the gray alpaca cria. I should be able to get some scarves out this!

So I have been musing on what and where I want to go with my weaving and spinning. I would like to get into a “routine” of balancing large and small projects, alternating between my two looms. Of course the big projects take longer. After this doubleweave blanket, I would like to weave more. I would also like to try my hand again at rugs but it’s not necessary!

I have lots of roving yet to spin! and that will furnish me with the fiber needed for the Tools.

Such a plan! Off to weave a bit more on the stash scarves.

And a happy new year to all!

Also in virtual compliance to Meg, here are pictures as of today of my looms.

Tools of the Trade in use:

The Norwood in readiness:


3 thoughts on “The promise of a new year

  1. Oh, yes, the balance…. Stash reduction, sellable pieces, and the big ideas. I am perpetually looking for a happy balance, but end up thinking about it too much and not weaving enough. THAT, I do intend to improve this year, and if I do manage to reduce my stash on the way, I think it’ll be almost as good as…. loosing weight and regaining energy. (Yes, another small goal I have for the year, but I couldn’t even blog about it because how many years have I failed on that front?)

    Anyway, on a happy note, I have managed to weave a little, and that has got my creative energy boosted a little. We’ll see what big and small ideas we’ll tackle this year, shall we, both of us?

  2. Happy weaving, and happy new year..

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