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Variation of the dog ate my homework


The dog ate my yarn! I got home today and noticed a curious mass of blue or rather azure yarn on the floor. On closer inspection, the mass resolved into a tangled mass without a cardboard cone! Of the 4 other cones, the melon was slightly injured – enough to disqualify it from further weaving.

So the dog is off to the vet’s and the two colors ordered at Halcyon.

Lesson learned: do not leave cones on floor.

(And I wonder why he was drawn so strongly to the blue?)
(Dog is now coming home from vet’s – all clear!)

5 thoughts on “Variation of the dog ate my homework

  1. Bummer!!

    My dog Bailey is constantly tempted by cones or quills of yarn on the floor. And if I have weavers or knitters over with yarn in their bags, the game of sticking his head into some one’s yarn bag to pull out something, especially if it’s wool, is almost too much fun for him.

    At least it was replaceable yarn in your case! Gotta love Halcyon!

  2. Yes, thankfully! though in ordering by phone there was a second when I thought the person was going to say that one of those colors wasn’t available! Gotta love Halcyon indeed! I should have cones in hand by the weekend!

  3. I always wonder what is in things, everytime I get my hair cut the stylist uses mouse etc and when I come home the cat sucks on my hair and does her best to lay on my head, makes me wonder if there are herbals in the hairproduct that are same or similar to catnip…so I wonder if the dog senses something very likeable in the blue yarn.

    Did the predicament do anything to solve the dilemma of the difference of colors in the blues?

  4. This was a different blue in the warp so if anything adds complications! I am sure I will get different color lots but this project is so colorful I am hoping all the differences just melt away!

  5. I had a cat that attacked all things yarn, and another one that tried to kill a dressmaker’s pressing ham. She jumped up on the table to get it and I found it later on with bite marks and rips! The ham was as big as she was. I wish I could have seen the fight.

    Glad you were able to replace the yarns!

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