My journey into the world of weaving

More on the “Yugoslavian” weaving


I bought this in Arkadia, Florida, at one of the many antique stores which line the streets. I don’t know how old it is but it has to be older than 2003 because the label does say Yugoslavia!


I have used Google to translate as much of the label as I can. The language seems to be Croatian – at least that is what translated some of the words.


I think I get a geographic location in Svilaja Vrlika, located in Croatia. At the top, the label translates into “Trade and Catering, Enterprise”. At the bottom, “tkalac” actual means “weaver”.

3 thoughts on “More on the “Yugoslavian” weaving

  1. It’s very striking wherever it comes from! Wonderful bold colours and shapes.

  2. Yes, it does come from Croatia, mountainous area behind Split. There must have been an association in the old days, as the piece was woven on the loom number 754. You can find some more information and photos of the traditionally woven textiles at the website of the local municipality at:

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