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Weaving again – small problem with selvedge


I am weaving this weekend! I’m well into towel three.

I seem to have this small problem with my right selvedge – it keeps breaking! The yarn does look frayed and I don’t know what is causing the fraying.This is a new reed – are the dents ever that sharp? I am really puzzled by this. It’s easy enough to fix and I have done so multiple times. If anyone has any ideas, please post!

2 thoughts on “Weaving again – small problem with selvedge

  1. Another idea is to put a plied or stronger thread for the selvedge–I would do the outside 4 threads that way. Use a color that won’t look different, or make it look different. I mostly make separate selvedges and weight them–more in my book(s). See
    Peggy Osterkamp

    • Thanks so much for your reply! I like that idea. And thanks for visiting my blog! Yours has been very helpful to me!

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