My journey into the world of weaving

Napkins are half threaded

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I am making the Magical Napkin Kit from Lunatic Fringe. This is naturally dyed unmercerized cotton, 10/2.

The challenge of the stripes was that they were uneven – 11 – 13 -11 ends. And then each block has a different threading. I think I made it far more complicated than I needed. So now half way done threading, it is getting easier.


But! This unmercerized 10/2 cotton is so tangly! I did not know but it just thrusts itself into little tangles all the time. So it is a little frustrating and definitely time consuming. But what’s the hurry? It will get done.

And in between my threading stripes, my husband created and put up a display of some of the old weaving tools I have received lately. I love it! I have two more industrial shuttles to display so those will get up on the wall some day.

Ed putting up display

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