My journey into the world of weaving

Weaving began but not without problems!

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I fixed the threading errors and began to weave the napkins, using a twill pattern and alternating the colors so there is a plaid effect.

An end broke. This isn’t a selvedge end but one well one third of the way into the warp on the right. I fixed and contintued to weave. Again it broke. This it did half a dozen times and then the end next to it broke!

I was more than puzzled. I was frustrated. Was it the fiber? No I am pretty sure it’s not. And I couldn’t apply the same troubleshooting I had to the frequently breaking selvedge end of the previous project. But I could research this on the internet! I can’t have been the only one with this bothersome problem!

Sure enough, I found help here under “Sticky Sheds and Broken Threads”. I first tried advancing the warp frequently but that actually resulted in more frequent breaks! So what I did was make my sheds smaller by fussing with the treadle ties. And I am still advancing frequently. No breaks!

Here is my work thus far:


The fibers look brownish but the kit has assured me that they will turn a couple of shades of green! And these are huge napkins! I almost think they will morph into dish towels, but we’ll see what we have once off the loom.

So frustration has turned into pleasure.

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