My journey into the world of weaving

Second set well underway

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My husband helped me beam the warp – I’m getting spoiled. It’s just so much easier with a second pair of hands – strong hands too!

Beamed, heddles threaded, and reed is all sleyed. Weaving has started!

One mistake: somehow I ended up with 199 ends, not 177. I’m not sure how that happened. What it translates into is two more repeats of the huck threading: 2-3-2-3-2-1-4-1-4-1. And about an inch wider. So overall everything worked out with the threading, I have woven 6 inches thus far and it looks good.

When I was threading the heddles, I came up with a different approach. Most likely someone else has thought of this. I put the ends in bunches of the pattern as above. So bunches of 10 ends for the bulk. This way I didn’t have to think and count at the same time! Just had to thread! Some prep time but well worth it.

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