My journey into the world of weaving

Endings and Beginnings

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2012 is just about at an end! That means I move into my 6th year of weaving with the beginning of 2013. The napkins are finished but were not given as presents this year. I gave a lot of scarves. So they will become part of my “stash”.

Both looms are bare. But not for long. I am preparing for my next project, the vest, and absorbing all I can about front to back warping. I have decided to use the Tools loom mostly because it has the right size reed – 10 inch. But also seems just more manageable for this first effort.

My brother gave me this book:

Simple Weaves

for Christmas. There are a lot of 4 shaft patterns but there’s a bit of adjustment in figuring out fiber and reed needs. I am figuring it out and have selected a project to do.

On the spinning front, I have just ordered a sliding hook double drive flyer with bobbins for my Ashford! The bobbins hold 30% more fiber. So I will wait until that arrives for me to start spinning again.

It is always nice to have one’s work appreciated. One of my co-workers “begged” me for one of my dishtowels (I had given one away at the Yankee Swap and she didn’t get it!) So I gave it to her and she was seriously pleased! She also said her mother really liked it and would pay for something like that! I am not ready to go into the business but it’s nice to know that my work is liked!

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