My journey into the world of weaving

August post update


Life interrupted. Sometimes you just don’t have any control over what will happen or is happening. Sometimes you do.
New job started in July. One month already and it’s good.
My husband has been battling cancer for just over 10 years and it is overtaking us. Be thankful for what your spouse does because when he is no longer able, your work will more than double!
My loom sits, waiting. I had begun preparing a warp for the next project, warping interrupted.
My wheel sits before the hearth, some spinning done on the bobbin, spinning interrupted.
But it is a great comfort to think of these friends, they’ll easily be started up again.
I have strong hopes of being able to get back to my projects this fall and winter.
Stay tuned, loyal readers (I hope you are still out there!)

4 thoughts on “August post update

  1. Sending all good thoughts to you and your husband. Take care.

  2. I sure hope so. And all the best to you and your hubby. Be strong, and be cheerful. When you can. Looking back on my Dad’s last few years, I feel Mom put too much weight on his being healthy and improving. When we could have done a bit more for him to be happy/content/cheerful. So….

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