My journey into the world of weaving

Back to my weaving project … but …


So I finally went into my “loom” room yesterday and refigured out what I have in the way of completed bouts. And what I need to complete this project. And I figured out that I can’t complete this project in the way I think I wanted to. I simply don’t have enough yarn for it! What was I thinking 5 months ago when I was thinking about this project? I have no idea. I think the best thing is to warp what I have and use what I have for the weft. It can be a scarf or scarves. It can be just a woven thing. I think I need to finish getting it ready for the loom, get it on the loom, weave it and take it off, counting myself lucky that I can begin a new project very soon. And that will be fun to plan.

I’m cleaning out the “office” of one computer desk and I hope to bring in the Tools into that room. And then have the Norwood still in the “loom” room and both looms could be used at the same time! Wow. That would be something. I want to get this done soon.

I feel blessed to have this craft a part of my life at a time in my life. This was intentional. When I began to weave it was to have a serious past time to occupy my thoughts and being. I didn’t know then that it would be so necessary. It’s taken a bit of time to get going again. A lot of my craft was supported by and commented upon by my husband. He enjoyed the creations that came off of the loom. He was a part of those creations in that he did help me dress the loom. So this has been tied up with memories of him but it’s also something I can do on my own and it does give me pleasure. And still it does center my being.

3 thoughts on “Back to my weaving project … but …

  1. A woman after my heart. Bless you and your weaving. My mom, on the other hand, claims she wants to weave, but has been so busy being her social butterfly self she’s been taking forever to dress a loom for one tiny scarf. No matter, if going out makes her happy…..

  2. What you call your loom room I call my ‘textile studio.’ Makes me sound like I actually know what I’m doing. Enjoy your warp. This could be an opportunity to experiment with some different drafts. I don’t know if this interests you at all but I have thought that framing some samples could make a fantastic series of artworks.

  3. I totally understand the power of weaving to center you – I’ve been doing that since I started.

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