My journey into the world of weaving

Weaving is smooth

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And it’s true. This is a sweet little piece. 13 inches wide and abour 45 inches in length so far. Plain weave and using all handspun for warp and weft. Not sure what this will be. A scarf? Maybe if there is enough I can make a little vest from it.


Inventoried what I have. I bought a bunch of different fiber in the summer. What I did today was match what I bought with a pattern. So I have at least 3 projects lined up. Probably all on my Tools.

I want to do another double weave blanket on the Norwood sometime.

Now to get back into the spinning groove too.

One thought on “Weaving is smooth

  1. Met up with D. Hiett to knit this evening. She asked if I knew “that great weaver” in Newton and mentioned you. Your work is lovely. I am a former librarian (California/Texas) and socialworker, but mostly paint now. New to New Hampshire. Would love to hear from you if you’ve a mind for it.

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