My journey into the world of weaving

Giving a spinning and weaving talk!


I am giving a spinning and weaving talk/demo at my library as well as the Peabody Institute Library in Peabody.
So much to cover!
I knew I could not bring my loom but I have this “baby loom” to demonstrate on:

baby loom

It has all the parts! so cute. It’s really a toy.
Meanwhile I am trying to organize what I want to say so it comes out reasonably clear but at the same time enthusiastically.

4 thoughts on “Giving a spinning and weaving talk!

  1. Wow, a lot of preparation. Best of luck to you!!

  2. Actually, not a lot,Meg. It’s mostly just floating in my head, ready to pop out!

  3. HI Susan,

    Thanks for the fun talk yesterday. I loved all of the samples you showed, especially the double weave blanket.

    I will pull my loom out soon; I promise.

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