My journey into the world of weaving

1st dish towel done, 2nd begun


I finished the first one and have begun the second with a different weft pattern. This should go along a tad quicker with 16 inches to weave one color of weft yarn!
Also spinning away from my stash. Getting reconnected with my wheel and that feels good.
Looking forward to the Fiber Revival on Aug. 9th!

2 thoughts on “1st dish towel done, 2nd begun

  1. What are the dimensions you are working to for your dish towels? Look forward to seeing the photos. Not sure if they’re the images on your blog now, or if those are from an earlier project. Either way, I’ll be looking out for your next update.

  2. The dish towels should be 16 by 24 inches when finished. The most recent pictures are of the first towel. The pattern says I should get 4 towels but because this was the warp from hell, I’ll be glad to get three! and maybe a short wash cloth! thank you for your interest!

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