My journey into the world of weaving

About Centerweave

I began to think at the end of 2006 that I needed an activity, a hobby, something to engage my mind in besides reading, work, TV, or suduko!
I considered activities I had done in the past: knitting, crocheting, even pottery. Nothing made me leap in anticipation.
Then, I thought weaving. Weaving! I like the fabrics I see. I like woven garments, rugs, wall hangings.
I asked a co-worker what she would look to do as a new hobby. And she said weaving!
Fate. It was fate. She called up the teacher I had already noted and before I knew it, we were signed up for our first lesson in February! (That first lesson was on February 6th! so I am coming up on a year of weaving!)
I made my first piece and I was hooked. I liked each and every step.
I made my second piece and was wowed. I made that!
I bought a loom with my teacher’s guidance secondhand and a lot of the accessories to go with it.
The loom sits in the downstairs room, waiting.
I want to use this blog to record my progress in this weaving adventure.
March 12, 2009 update – The fascination with fiber and weaving grows as I have added spinning to my life! I am totally addicted to that and seek the perfect soulmate in a spinning wheel. I often reflect that weaving is one of the best things that ever happened to me!
April 14, 2010 update – I think I am addicted: 3 looms and 2 spinning wheels now!
March 19, 2013 – still weaving and spinning … when I can. This is the year of the cloth! I am weaving cloth to make clothing!
December 3, 2013 – As I wrote in a recent post, my weaving and spinning were put on the back burner while my husband was battling for his life against prostate cancer and lost on Sept. 15. Slowly weaving and spinning are becoming a part of my life again. A necessary part. I look forward to more weaving and spinning adventures.
June 26, 2015 – really getting back into weaving. I finished the baby blanket, I still have to finish those dish towels, and have a new project on the loom which I tend to every day. Spinning some. Always less in the summer. So doing well with all of this, knowing I started to weave with a certain knowledge of what the future held for me. Weaving is good.
December 13, 2015 – I am moving in a few weeks and look forward to setting up my weaving in the new home. I think 2016 will be a great year for my weaving and spinning!


6 thoughts on “About Centerweave

  1. Hi Susan,

    A couple of people saw your comment on my blog about your new blog look, but have had trouble getting to you. Your name in the comments is clickable, but it only takes the viewer to a page that says your Blogger profile isn’t publically accessable. If you sign into Blogger and click on “edit user profile,” you can add your blog’s web addy under “general > homepage url.” You can delete all other personal information if you wish. Then if you tick the “share my profile” box at the top, folks who click on your name in the comments can find your blog. You’ve got some good stuff to share, so I’d encourage you to do this!

  2. Hello Susan…
    I am a fairly new weaver too, and have been looking for blog and websites for inspiration and instruction. I hope you are still blogging… your site has been helpful to me. I also notice you mentioning the Common Ground Fair and wonder if you are located near me in Maine. If so, perhaps you could share sites of other weavers in the area – I would love to interact with some.

    Wishing you well in your weaving journey.


  3. I have a question about weaving.. will you email me?

  4. I just found you and added you to my favorites! I’ve just retired and plan to drag out my Leclerc Dorothy table loom and spinning wheel. Both need a bit of repair. I was researching Dorothy parts when I found you. I will really enjoy reading your blog!

    • Thank you! I hope to get into gear soon. I no longer have my Dorothy but weaving is weaving! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog and I hope to be adding to it soon!

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