My journey into the world of weaving


Life can be complicated

Due to life’s complications, I am away from my loom and wheel for a few more days. I’ve never not woven so many days in a row! It’s a surprise to me and I surely do miss my loom.

I am visiting my usual blogs, commenting here and there. I am thinking a lot about fiber! And I hope next week brings a little more normalcy to my life.

So thank you to those who still visit – I hope to have something to show someday soon!

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Two years blogging and going strong

I began this blog in May of 2007! Seeing Peg’s post on her two year anniversary made me look at when I began my blog! And it had almost slipped by me!

This post will be my 300th. I have no idea if that is a lot or not. I have tried to update a couple of times a week. Sometimes less, often more.

I have 400 comments – some of them are my responses to commenters. I am so grateful for visitors to my blog and for your comments! As Peg noted in her post, that does take time so I am glad you do take the time!

I enjoy blogging – it is a way of reflecting on what I am doing. And it is being part of a virtual group. I would never have met any of you if I hadn’t blogged!

So thank you! Happy reading! Happy blogging!


Another blog in the family!

My husband Ed began his Centerstone blog today!

He has been creating wonderful arches for the garden out of cement molds for a few years now. It’s time to record what he does and perhaps market this art! What garden doesn’t need an arch!

He will be taking more pictures of works in progress and of course the final product. I hope folks enjoy his blog.

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I am honored!

Leigh has honored me with this award:


I must do two things:
1. I must list my five addictions
2. I must pass this on to 5 fabulous blogs

My addictions, in no particular order, are:
dogs (specifically border collies)
I wonder what my addictions were before weaving etc? Definitely the last two!

I think every blog I visit is fabulous but here are 5 I do frequent, again in no particular order:
Deep End of the Loom
Funny Farm
Talking about weaving
I am honored to get this from Leigh as I most certainly do regard her blog as FABULOUS!