My journey into the world of weaving

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Spinning away!

I have finished the singles on this particular roving and am now plying.

Once done, then I will begin to spin the romney fleece in the raw! I bought this fleece with my cousin Donna – we split it – from the Commonground Fair. She had actually been looking at white fleeces and then this one caught my eye – “lavender tint” it said on the bag! It was beautiful and fairly clean. Perfect to spin in the raw as we had just seen some spinners doing at the Fair.

So I will begin this in the next few days! Donna, have you started spinning yours yet?

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Labor Day weaving and spinning

I have done a fair amount of spinning this weekend, getting to know my wheel again, all the quirks of it.

I am almost done with the second dish towel. This pattern was easy – a lot of the weft is in natural with color highlights. I am sure to get a third out of this warp, not so sure about a fourth but time will tell.

I truly cannot believe it is September. The summer flew by – time pushes us right into winter before we know it.

September is going to fly by too. My husband’s stone will be set on Sept. 14th and then I am off to the Commonground Fair for the whole weekend of September 19-21!

I am finding my rhythm again. It’s a little sporadic still but beginning to feel as it should!

And the best part is, I finally caught up with my broken ends! Two are very close together so it looks a little bunchy right now but I’m betting it will be just fine!

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Fiber updates

It has been a busy 2 weeks!

The Commonground Fair was wonderful of course. My sister and I strolled through the Fair, enjoying fiberous things. We talked to some spinners. We bought some fiber as if we don’t already have enough! But we bought angora (rabbit) and a mohair mix. So that will be fun to spin. We also bought our first pencil roving and we are eager to see how that spins.

When I last wove, it was pretty rocky. There was the broken end but I also made numerous mistakes so there actually was a lot of unweaving happening. Today I wove smoothly for an hour! I have now woven 28 inches on this second blanket panel. I am using the temple so it is tighter. This will most likely be a problem when I try to put the two panels together! Ah well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I finished spinning a skein of the gray alpaca cria. I need to wash it but there’s a lot! I’m thinking seriously about getting a warp ready for the Tools – an alpaca warp!

I’m away tomorrow and next weekend but I’ll fit some weaving in!


Commonground Fair 2009!

I am returned from the Commonground Fair in Unity, Maine! My sister and I spent all Friday afternoon in the Fiber Tent, talking to some of the Wednesday spinners, viewing a spinning wheel exhibit of all sorts of spinning wheels from many different countries, and just basically learning a lot!

We bought a Jacob Coopworth fleece together – that is 1/2 a bag. This is what my share looks like:


We are going to do the whole gamut with this fleece: clean, card, and spin! We bought a nice set of hand carders.
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Off to the Common Ground Fair

I’m off to the Common Ground Fair! My sister and I will explore in depth on Friday:

A full afternoon!

Then we return to her home and hopefully spin some! I transfer the Louet to her for a few months; in return I might be able to have the “Sleeping Beauty”!