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Guild Meeting – Green is the new black

We had a wonderful Guild meeting last night with guest speaker Dawn K. Forde. She talked about recycling, reusing, repurposing materials. All sorts of materials: plastic bags, socks, t-shirts, blue jeans, curtains, paper, and more. To her, fabric is everywhere! She showed us samples of her bags woven with plastic which you can see on her web site. It takes about 60 plastic bags to weave one tote bag! She demonstrated how to ready the plastic bags for weaving, cutting and tying into loops essentially. Her warp is cotton, usually in random multiple hues of one color.

I was so inspired, listening to her! And I felt affirmed in using the rags I was using for my rug which happen to be old curtains. I realized that weaving with rags is not limited to rugs but I could weave bags and placemats with rags! I am so excited about that because weaving the rug is really beating me and my loom up! I will persevere but I won’t do another rug on this loom.

Many new members last night, lots of laughter, and heads bent to share stories. Wonderful.

But. I don’t think I’ll tell the neighbors quite yet that I want all their plastic bags and rags!


NOBO Guild meeting

Melissa beat me to it with her report of the Guild Meeting! I agree with everything she said!

I did enjoy the presentation about the Orkney Islands and the North Ronaldsay sheep. Not only do these sheep live on seaweed and seawater as Melissa notes but if they change diet they might die! The ewes do go inland to give birth and have to be given some sort of supplement in order not to die! I also loved how John pointed out their intelligence: they look right at you! And you would only be a little intimidated by them if you chose to walk along the beach. It was fascinating!

I also love being part of such a wonderful group of people. I discovered some spinners last night and will definitely be in touch with them (Melissa is one of them!)


NOBO Guild meeting last night

Always hard for me to come home, have supper, and then go out again but I was so glad I did! There were about 25 weavers gathered!

Part of the meeting was spent in brainstorming our path for the year. Sounds like it will be a nice mix of sharing, support, and education! We talked about meetings, themes, exhibits, and projects. All good.

Then Margaret talked about the International Year of Natural Fibres. There’s plenty to see and read at this web site – the content is incredibly rich! The Year was actually officially launched yesterday in Rome! There will be a lot happening this year with conferences, contests, and connections. NOBO will definitely be connecting with this wonderful opportunity.

And of course, I always just enjoy talking with other weavers. And can’t wait to see them again!

Now I’m off to Maine today and looking forward to my first spinning lesson with Melodi at The Portland Fiber Gallery tomorrow!

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NOBO Guild meeting

I attended my second Guild meeting last night, I think it’s the 4th!
What energy and enthusiasm! So many ideas, so much love for this craft.
I was given the task to start up a Discussion Group (Yahoo Groups) which I did very happily. It is something I can do!

Lots of ideas – how about meeting in different venues? see what studios and workshops look like. Weavers helping weavers – love it! Create a sample book based upon Dorothy Corbin, a weaver. Ask for volunteers to help with dressing workshop looms – good for the teacher, good for us to get in that practice! What about raffles, what about setting up an ongoing project on a loom, what about demonstrating at the Topsfield Fair?

As I said, lots of ideas and energy! We got to share our work too at the end. I shared a couple of the placemats, washcloth, and scarf. Reception was warm and friendly and I feel so darned affirmed! Wonderful feeling!

I think a few of the NOBO members have made their way over here so a shout out to them! Welcome! Don’t be shy, feel free to comment. I look forward to our weaving connections!


Birth of a Guild

Last night, I joined a gathering of some 20 weavers to start up a local guild! We met at the store A Loom with a View, owned by Betsy Martin. She’s been in business since last fall and has done an enormous amount of building and nurturing weaving interest! She along with my weaving teacher Margaret Russell and another weaving teacher Patricia Morton invited all weavers to join them in this creation of a new guild.

There were both experienced and novice weavers present. Everyone was excited. After forming a circle, we introduced ourselves and shared our weaving stories. Then we got down to business.

When to meet? every 4th Thursday, 7-9, at the store. For now, our group will fit the store and Betsy is very generous in hosting us. It’s wonderful to sit amongst fiber and looms.

What to name ourselves? That will be decided at the next Guild meeting on May 22. What about dues? We decided $20.00 was a decent amount to ask.

What are we going to do? What kind of programs? There were many folks present who have lots of experience with all sorts of Guilds and they made many suggestions. For now, we all just want to be able to share our work, see other’s work, and ask questions. But there will be an evolution towards getting speakers and classes.

I was struck by how we basically met together as weavers. If some of us have other lives with jobs that didn’t get shared except incidentally. Weavers we were and that was why we were together! There’s a lot of energy to make this work and I have no doubt at all that it will succeed. We covered a lot in very little time. We are well launched.