My journey into the world of weaving

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“Napkins” off the loom

The “napkins” are finally off the loom (I began them in July!) I say “napkins” because I think they are really dish towels! I have washed all seven together and have cut them apart. Next I need to hem each and add my little label. I’ll be giving these as presents for sure. When they are all hemmed, I’ll take and post a picture, probably next weekend.

I am beginning to dress the Tools of the Trade with some handspun warp. I am thinking I’ll get two scarves out of this warp; the weft being more handspun. Most likely a plain weave.

And I finished spinning the Ashford wool roving. I had about a dozen different colors, about 4 oz in all. I mixed and meshed the colors. It spun really tight except for the last bunch which I really tried to spin loosely. Still tight. Not sure how it will weave.

A great way to end Thanksgiving.


My birthday loom!

Today is my birthday and I bought the loom! Half of it is in my home and the other half is at my mother’s until next weekend.

It is beautiful. It seems to be very sturdy and well built. My sister and I met at the seller’s home and we spent a very nice hour and a half plus with Marianne, Gar, and Miriam. Lots of commonality, some connections with people, and just a general sense of ease and friendship.

The loom itself was dismantled and carried out to our cars. I was so happy that it could come home with me! at least most of it.

Pictures will follow. I have to do a certain amount of furniture moving to make a place for it. It takes the place of my 32″ Tools of the Trade which will go upstairs in our bedroom which will displace a bureau which…. You get the idea!

So now I own three looms! inclusive of a table loom.

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Dish towels off the loom!

And that’s just about it. I haven’t done any measuring yet. I ended up with 7 pieces in all. I would say 5 are going to be consistently the same length. 4 of those will be clones of each other. I didn’t divert from the pattern at hand. The 6th one I had a little fun with – weaving with both the white and green in the weft for a bit.

6th dish towel

The last piece is short. I think it will be squarish, rather than rectangular in shape. I also saw mistakes in this last piece, mostly because I was weaving very close to the apron rod and couldn’t get the shed I wanted.

The other project I worked on today was dressing the Dorothy for the first time. There were pieces I needed to do this so husband Ed crafted the lease sticks out of a yard stick and cut a rod for tying onto the rear beam.
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A Weekend of Weaving

My favorite kind!

I pulled out the sewing machine and I finally finished the last two facecloths – they are hemmed. Then I changed thread and sewed the edges of the placemats. They got washed and dried today. losing a couple of inches in length and about 1 inch in width. I have cut them apart and trimmed the edges. They are ready to be hemmed and finished! That should happen tomorrow.

I also warped two more bouts of the new project; one more to go. I’ve made another change in plans with this project. The placemats from the first are actually better table runners! So with this new project, it will be placemats all the way. I think I can get at least 6 out of the warp.

My husband taught me how to use his CAD program and now I can do a computer draft of the pattern! I’m doing that right now to get a sense of the pattern I have chosen. It’s looking good!

To finish up the day, I did a little loom maintenance: tightened up the bolts and dusted it. I vacummed all around. So it’s all ready to be dressed! I should be able to beam the warp tomorrow.

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Bathmats off the loom!

They are each 42 inches long, 23 inches wide, and each have 6 inches of fringe in all! I am pleased with the consistency. I figure they will lose about 10 inches in length and maybe a couple in the width. That’s what happened to the first batch of bathmats!
Now to fringe and full ’em! Of course, there are 4 to fringe and full so this will take a bit.
I kind of love the in between projects. I puttered in my loom room, organizing the growing bits of yarn which seem to be accumulating, vacuuming the area (between dog fur and yarn bits it gets a bit wild), and setting up for the next project.
I have warped the guide yarn for the 5 yards.
Tomorrow I want to do a little maintenance on the loom and also prepare the warp. I think that will do it for tasks!