My journey into the world of weaving

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Beginning 2015 with lots of projects in mind

I have to finish a couple: the dish towels on the small loom and spinning the rest of the raw fiber.

Then I am beginning a big project on the Norwood: a baby blanket! It’s a kit I got at Cotton Clouds.

Once the dish towels are off the loom, I am going to weave a plain weave scarf.

So lots to do!

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If only to just post in November before the month ends….

I have done some spinning, not too much weaving. I don’t know where the days go! but I am hoping for cozy winter weekends spent at my wheel or loom.
I do have the Louet back (my sister and I share this wheel). I would like to try spinning the raw fleece on that. What happens if I spin one bobbin on the Ashford and the other on the Louet and then ply on the Louet? I guess I’ll try it!
One observation: I have begun wearing scarves and enjoying wearing scarves. Especially mine. But. Many of mine I gave away! So. That’s next on the project boards: to spin a couple for me.