My journey into the world of weaving

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October update

October almost went by without a post! Well the reason for that is I haven’t been doing much. Life does get in the way sometimes. But then life begins to smooth out and I do look forward to some good weaving in November. I will finish the napkins probably in one more session. Then it’s dressing the loom with the new project: front to back!

I am still spinning here and there and that gives me so much comfort and serenity.

I do sense there is a lull for many of my weaver friends, at least in the blogosphere.

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Thank you, Leigh!

Thank you, Leigh, for this award:


I would like to send it right back to Leigh (it goes both ways, you know!), and on to Peg, Meg, and Melentine (because I actually know Melissa through our Guild!).

I value these internet friendships very much, the sharing, the advice, the comments, the experience! Thanks!


Two years!

Two years ago I had my first weaving lesson! (February 6) I can’t believe it.

Weaving has added so much to my life. In addition to giving me a sense of accomplishment and creativity, it really has centered me more. My recent spinning lesson proves that. In the old days, I probably would have flung the spinning wheel away from me in total frustration after an hour! But the new centered me just persevered and realized that glimmer of a connection at hour 4! I wish this would carry over into all parts of my life but it probably has more than I know.

Thank you, Margaret Russell, for being such an excellent teacher and mentor and friend. And thank you to all my weaving friends in the virtual world for your support and comments and mentoring. May you continue visiting and enjoying my work as I do yours!


NOBO Guild meeting last night

Always hard for me to come home, have supper, and then go out again but I was so glad I did! There were about 25 weavers gathered!

Part of the meeting was spent in brainstorming our path for the year. Sounds like it will be a nice mix of sharing, support, and education! We talked about meetings, themes, exhibits, and projects. All good.

Then Margaret talked about the International Year of Natural Fibres. There’s plenty to see and read at this web site – the content is incredibly rich! The Year was actually officially launched yesterday in Rome! There will be a lot happening this year with conferences, contests, and connections. NOBO will definitely be connecting with this wonderful opportunity.

And of course, I always just enjoy talking with other weavers. And can’t wait to see them again!

Now I’m off to Maine today and looking forward to my first spinning lesson with Melodi at The Portland Fiber Gallery tomorrow!



I have finally wet finished and trimmed the last two pieces. The longer scarf ended up being 55 inches in length and 5.5 in width.


The “wee” scarflet is 17 inches in length and 5.25 in width!


It’s even smaller than the first scarflet. It really can’t be a scarf because it doesn’t even come close to wrapping! But it’s a sweet little piece.

And then I hope it’s OK to post the dish towel I received in the Festive Dish Towel exchange! This was arranged by Meg in Nelson – thank you, Meg! I received from Rose Pelvin of New Zealand this lovely dish towel “Rejoice in Red”:

Rose Pelvin Dish Towel

Thank you, Rose!

I have lots of wrapping and decorating and cooking to do in the coming days and suspect I won’t get the new warp on the loom till after Christmas.

I want to wish all my wonderful weaver friends the happiest of holidays! This year has been rich in sharing texture, color, and patterns with each other. I rely on you for inspiration and advice! May 2009 be wonderful in all ways for all of you! My deepest gratitude.