My journey into the world of weaving


Miniature scarf off loom!

I decided to cut off the small scarf to see what I had rather than wait. It is 30 inches long! Tiny. But rather nice. I know just the person to give this to – my mother-in-law (I don’t think she even knows about this blog or has access!). I have fringed it and washed it. It is drying now. I will be interested to see the shrinkage.

mini scarf

I began the next scarf and decided to use 3 different weft colors and weave them somewhat randomly. I have the pattern of the advanced twill to follow but I’m just playing with the colors!

new scarf

And here’s a picture of the Earth Guild fiber I just got at the last Weavolution auction:

auction fiber

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New projects

I did finish the crackle scarves. They lost half an inch in width and a couple in length. I am keeping one for myself and giving the other away.

I am already weaving the new project with alpaca and bamboo. It’s an advanced twill. The weft yarn is multicolored which I think impacts the design a lot. In other words, I don’t see the zig zag very clearly. But I like all the colors!


I bid on and won these yarns from the Weavolution auction online. They are from Paradise Fibers. I know something wonderful can be woven with these colors!


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Threading error?

I am well into my first placemat. The p.p.i. fell a little short but I am happy with the weaving.

That is until I began to really study the pattern, which is another advancing twill. I think I have a threading error. It’s in the middle of the pattern. At first, I thought it was part of the pattern but it’s a slightly off-center kind of an effect. It’s an additional small diamond just to the right of the center. I think this shot shows it (the color is way off – I was trying for a close up!):
threading error?
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A Weekend of Weaving

My favorite kind!

I pulled out the sewing machine and I finally finished the last two facecloths – they are hemmed. Then I changed thread and sewed the edges of the placemats. They got washed and dried today. losing a couple of inches in length and about 1 inch in width. I have cut them apart and trimmed the edges. They are ready to be hemmed and finished! That should happen tomorrow.

I also warped two more bouts of the new project; one more to go. I’ve made another change in plans with this project. The placemats from the first are actually better table runners! So with this new project, it will be placemats all the way. I think I can get at least 6 out of the warp.

My husband taught me how to use his CAD program and now I can do a computer draft of the pattern! I’m doing that right now to get a sense of the pattern I have chosen. It’s looking good!

To finish up the day, I did a little loom maintenance: tightened up the bolts and dusted it. I vacummed all around. So it’s all ready to be dressed! I should be able to beam the warp tomorrow.


Off the loom

I finished weaving this afternoon and took it off the loom.

The table runner is 32 inches. Two placemats are each about 27 inches long with the third being only 18.5 inches. The width is 14.5. I had about 34 inches in all for loom waste. So I used the full warp; it just didn’t give me what the pattern promised! The pattern never gave the measurements for on the loom; only the measurements after shrinkage and take up. I had to figure it backwards so I think I figured wrong.

Here’s what the short one looks like:
Short placemat

Next is to sew each end, wash, and dry. Then measure again to see what the true shrinkage is! Take up seems to only have been about 6 inches.

So it’s an odd matching set. I am planning the next set and even though it will be a different advancing twill, I can mix and match!