My journey into the world of weaving

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Rainy weekend means weaving weekend

I have woven 30 inches on the second towel, so more than half way there! After weeks of either being away or sick on the weekends, I am relishing this rainy weekend. I don’t have to feel guilty about weaving! I did plant bulbs and mow the lawn yesterday so not a total loss with spring activities.

I would love to finish this second towel and begin the third! I am spinning away on the Louet, having just plied some afghan and mohair together.

So back to weaving!

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First towel done

Other than the threading error and numerous times the selvedge broke, I am pleased. I have woven 6 picks of different fiber so now I am ready to begin number two!

I have been spinning all along. I am spinning some mohair and now some afghan. I’ll ply the two together. I am using the Louet.