My journey into the world of weaving

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Always productive onĀ  a day off! I sorted out my spinning on my two wheels. Both are doing well – now. I had to oil them and tweak them but all is fine now.

Weaving the tencel is going well – Wall of Troy pattern. If you look at it too long, you can imagine all sorts of errors. I don’t think there are any and if there are, they are part of the pattern now!

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A fibery weekend

It was a good weekend to touch base with all of my projects. I commenced the 5th napkin, twin to the 4th. I did some spinning, enjoying my Ashford once more. The Louet has gone north to be with my sister for a bit. (We share this wheel). AND I began the warping for my next project: a vest made out of homespun! I’ve currently completed two warp chains, one blue and one purple. I’ll end up with 4 different colors in the warp.

The BIG thing I am doing is I am going to warp front to back! I have never done this and I want to do it with this warp because I want the colors to be somewhat random! So it is exciting to try something new and different and it has revitalized me.

Just plain felt good to have lots of fiber in my hands this weekend!

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Towels are just about done

They are hemmed with my little labels. I want to wash them one more time and then they are done! Not saying right now what I am doing with them.

I am beginning the next project of linen napkins. I have a lot of ends to warp! It will be slow moving. I have found it difficult to weave in this heat – anyone else?

Also spinning away. The Louet is ready to travel up to Maine for a bit. It is nice to be back on the Ashford! I am spinning some llama! A little tough beginning but now it’s smooth and easy.

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The Louet returns to me this weekend

I will be picking up the Louet from my sister this weekend. I am excited about spinning again on that wheel. I have enjoyed the Ashford tremendously but look forward to really exploring the differences and strengths of these wheels.

One thing I want to do is ply the fiber I just spun on the Ashford on the Louet! It’s the white alpaca.

Then I want to spin the gray alpaca up. So plenty to do.

Weaving has taken a short hiatus as I am off to Maine this weekend to celebrate my mother’s 90th!

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More spinning than weaving

I have finished spinning the mohair blend and will begin to ply. I am so pleased with the Ashford! It is fast and smooth. A little adjustment with the one treadle but not much. I treadle with both feet.

Weaving has become a weekend activity for now, and only every other weekend. I’ll be weaving this weekend for sure. I would still like to get something going on the Tools but it’s enough for now to have one loom going.

Time is a bit more scarce but I find it.