My journey into the world of weaving

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Towels are just about done

They are hemmed with my little labels. I want to wash them one more time and then they are done! Not saying right now what I am doing with them.

I am beginning the next project of linen napkins. I have a lot of ends to warp! It will be slow moving. I have found it difficult to weave in this heat – anyone else?

Also spinning away. The Louet is ready to travel up to Maine for a bit. It is nice to be back on the Ashford! I am spinning some llama! A little tough beginning but now it’s smooth and easy.

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Towels ready to be finished

I have zigzagged along the edges. Following the directions, I am going to plop the whole thing into the washer tomorrow, dry, cut apart, and then hem. The towels range right now in length from 51 to 55 inches. I think the middle two towels are closest in length and they will serve nicely as a gift. The first towel has that threading error; the last towel is the shortest because I ran out of warp! Always different but so far I am pleased.

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Selvedge troubleshooting – success!

At least so far. I am employing all tips and hints! So in a way not very good troubleshooting because I don’t really know what is making the difference. But there does seem to be a difference. I have woven about 12 inches without any breaking. The actual selvedge end looks good, not frayed. So while I am not sure what has helped, this is what I am doing: angling the weft more, not as tight a tension, and letting the shuttle do it’s thing. At this rate, the last towel will be perfect!

I have this week off so I am planning a good balance of weaving and household tasks. I should be able to complete the towels and begin another project which I think will be the linen napkins.