My journey into the world of weaving

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Finishes, new projects, etc

I finished table runner number one. It came out all right – much smaller. Measurements are 24″ in width; 46″ in length.
On the loom, I am just about to hemstitch bath mat number one.
And I bought yarn for the next projects: two scarves!
Plus, my husband made a raddle for the Dorothy so she is getting more and more ready for weaving!


Table Runner #2 – Finished!

It’s been rinsed and fulled, losing one inch in width and 3 in length. Fulling is definitely kind to one’s weaving – many potential errors do not show!
I am very happy with the piece and am now fringing table runner #1. The pattern is more simple.
I also have threaded half the heddles on the new project, the bath mats. There are a few twists but no worries.
I am threading for a waffle weave – shaft 2 is used a lot!
I’ll finish that tomorrow and also keep working on the table runner – lots to do!
Oh and yes, must think of next project!

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Almost there with one tablerunner

I have fringed and woven in ends of the 68 inch tablerunner. I just rinsed it and it’s downstairs drying! I can’t wait to see it DONE.
Now I have to fringe the other one and weave in all the ends. I should have done that one first because of course I learned alot with the first one which I was hoping to give as a gift!
I have prepared the warp of the bathmats and have put on the loom, sorting the ends into the raddles.
Tomorrow I will at least beam the warp (am I really getting all this weaving terminology? hope so because I am aware of real weavers visiting this site! … feel free to correct me, by the way)
Then finish dressing the loom and off I go weaving!
A bit of a wait on the Dorothy as she needs one small washer to allow an even beat – I need all the help I can get I figure!

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Off the loom with the tablerunners!

I took the tablerunners off the loom today. It went very well.
I measured for off the loom and cut the two apart. Fringe on both is 3 inches. I hope I can twist the ends! Once I have done that, then I will see what it is like to weave ends back in. There are a lot! But I think I want to do this before rinsing so that everything fulls together.
I am pleased! One is 45 inches and the other 68 inches, without fringe.
So finish them I will.
Of course, at the same time, I will begin warping the bathmats!
And I’m getting Dorothy ready for a small job!
It’s fun to weave when I want without work interrupting!

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Nearing completion

The table runner (s) are nearly completed. The raddle came off today and the apron is close to coming over the beam. My estimation was pretty close! I am going to finish tomorrow and take off the loom.
Then to finish it! Lots of ends to weave in. I think I’ll do this before washing. Then the fringe. Then wash. Then done!
I will most likely start preparing the next warp for the bathmats. With the right yarn! and a better color I think for the warp!
I cleaned the reeds of the Dorothy today. I have an 8 and a 12 dent. Both in good condition! Now I just need to figure how to attach. I did readjust the apron strings so they are even.
So lots of weaving time today!