My journey into the world of weaving

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Bathmats fulled and finished!pictures posted!

I will post pictures later of the 4 bathmats but how exciting it was to finish them last night. I had fringed, washed, and dried them. Then I measured them. They were the SAME measurements! They each measure 19 inches in width and 34 inches in length. I thought they were going to lose more in length but they didn’t.
And the waffle weave looks good.
I haven’t compared to the first group as yet but will, just to see if they are more waffle pronounced.
I don’t think I need to do more bathmats but I am not done with the waffle weave. My next project with that will use a finer yarn, not sure what, and I’m not sure what to weave. Handtowels?
Meanwhile, I am also done with threading the heddles for the scarves. I ended up doing a mend with the two broken ends instead of seeing if the knots would pass through.
I am going to try to capture this process visually so pictures to come.

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Bathmats off the loom!

They are each 42 inches long, 23 inches wide, and each have 6 inches of fringe in all! I am pleased with the consistency. I figure they will lose about 10 inches in length and maybe a couple in the width. That’s what happened to the first batch of bathmats!
Now to fringe and full ’em! Of course, there are 4 to fringe and full so this will take a bit.
I kind of love the in between projects. I puttered in my loom room, organizing the growing bits of yarn which seem to be accumulating, vacuuming the area (between dog fur and yarn bits it gets a bit wild), and setting up for the next project.
I have warped the guide yarn for the 5 yards.
Tomorrow I want to do a little maintenance on the loom and also prepare the warp. I think that will do it for tasks!

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Next project – yarns came!

The pearl cottons came the other day for the next project of scarves. Black will be the warp with a different weft color for each of the scarves. I am trying to find just the right twill – something dramatic yet subtle.
I got a sample from Peace Fleece and I am thinking that Sheplova Mushroom will go beautifully with the Pumpkin Juice! A scarf? I think so.
I still need something for the Mango Moon.
I will finish the bathmats this weekend for sure! I love this part too: the anticipation of taking something off the loom and getting ready for the next project!

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Playing with the pinks!

Or what you do when you are a wee bit worried you might run out of one color! The 4th bathmat is mostly mauve but in ordering the yarn, I got the wrong color – it is pink! So I may not have enough of the mauve for the full bathmat.
So. I am doing a little pink-mauve-pink pattern in the middle of the bathmat AND I am using TWO shuttles! I have no idea if I am doing this right or even what I am doing but it’s fun to play and experiment with this particular bathmat. I think it’s looking good.
I am pretty sure I’ll have enough mauve to finish it up. It’s kind of exciting actually to create something that probably no one else has or no one else would even dream of creating!
More than half way done. I’ll be finishing this weekend and I’ll have the new yarn to warp!

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Third bathmat – blue – is done

And one more to go on this series! The next is mauve.
I wove well today, I felt. It felt smooth, no errors. Last night I had to take out about 6 picks. I had duplicate a couple of picks and it was definitely noticeable! I don’t think even fulling would have helped!
I am distracted with my thoughts of the next project. Suddenly there seems to be so much to weave! so many different patterns! I really want to try the double weave but now I am thinking of staying “simple”. Another couple of scarves, perhaps with a more complex twill, and, oh yes, a finer yarn! Yes, that’s what I’ll do! It’s enough of a new weaving experience to keep me on my toes. Also, I am weaving Christmas presents so I don’t want to get too experimental. I’ll save that for after the holidays.
I’m glad I talked that out!
Tomorrow I’ll work on the 4th. And finish my plans for the next project.