My journey into the world of weaving

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Off the loom!

Yes, the second panel is off the loom! I have measured it and I am really not surprised that there is a difference of about 3 inches. I didn’t use the temple until 3/4 of the way into the first panel.

But I have laid the two panels next to each other and it looks like a blanket! Not a very wide one. Covers the top of the double bed. Now to fringe the second panel, snip ends off of both, and sew together. Then wet finish!

I’m still trying to figure out how to sew the two together. I’m sure I’ll figure it out…but if anyone has suggestions or better illustrations of how to do this, I would be grateful.

I need to do some clean up in the loom room and put the Norwood to rest and rev up the Tools for the next project!

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Fiber updates

It has been a busy 2 weeks!

The Commonground Fair was wonderful of course. My sister and I strolled through the Fair, enjoying fiberous things. We talked to some spinners. We bought some fiber as if we don’t already have enough! But we bought angora (rabbit) and a mohair mix. So that will be fun to spin. We also bought our first pencil roving and we are eager to see how that spins.

When I last wove, it was pretty rocky. There was the broken end but I also made numerous mistakes so there actually was a lot of unweaving happening. Today I wove smoothly for an hour! I have now woven 28 inches on this second blanket panel. I am using the temple so it is tighter. This will most likely be a problem when I try to put the two panels together! Ah well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I finished spinning a skein of the gray alpaca cria. I need to wash it but there’s a lot! I’m thinking seriously about getting a warp ready for the Tools – an alpaca warp!

I’m away tomorrow and next weekend but I’ll fit some weaving in!

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As the weekend ends…..

I have been away all weekend but of course thinking about my project. The difficulty is to plan the pattern so that it is equally off, like the first panel! Many thoughts and calculations later, I have begun to thread (again – I took out the first pass as I actually think the pattern was going to look centered). Now I am pleased. I need to thread 360 ends – I’m only 1/4 of the way there!

Next weekend I should be able to devote to finishing the threading and perhaps sleying the reed!

I am still fringing the first panel.


Off the loom and hemstitched!

The blanket panel is off the loom. It is 87 inches in length; 27.5 inches in width. I have fringed one end already. I am very pleased with the piece!

I have decided to go forward in weaving the second panel. What will be interesting is to see how it turns out. I had reversed everything with this first panel so it seems I should just unreverse. That’s my plan anyway.

I’ll probably get the warp onto the loom today, hopefully beamed too.

Here’s a picture of the hemstitching:


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It must be a fiber weekend

I love three day weekends at home! Today I finished weaving the blanket panel, and need to hemstitch it tomorrow. I have learned a lot on this piece. The big thing being how to use a temple and what it does. I didn’t understand before but now I do. I have a feeling I will use it for all my broad pieces. I would have loved it for the rug I did!

I am preparing the warp for the second panel. Before the first goes off, I have to sit down and figure out what I want this second panel to do. Match the first in the pattern being off? Have it be off but in a different way? Or actually try to get it right? Then of course my mother’s suggestion: make two shawls! and save the blanket for another project! Tempting very tempting. I wonder if she was just positioning herself for a shawl! And she should.

I also finished spinning another ball of the alpaca cria. It is going very quickly and nicely.

And thoughts of trying doubleweave are dancing through my head through all of this.