My journey into the world of weaving


The warp from hell

I came so very close to ditching this project as I faced over 200 tangled ends. Who knew 8/2 unmercerized cotton would be so sticky? I didn’t! would it have been better to warp back to front after all? I suspect maybe.

But I plugged away, shaking, reshaking, untangling all the ends, and beaming slowly inch by inch.

The warp is beamed now and tied onto the front beam. All the ends are happy ends, albeit 8 or so inches shorter.

I need to tie up the treadles and then I think I can begin to weave!

Oh and yes, I had 4 broken ends so I have those to deal with.

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Another error in the napkins!

I had woven about 3/4 of the first napkin when my eye was caught by a discrepancy in the pattern. What! I looked closer (and this means taking my glasses off) and sure enough, an end is threaded incorrectly.

I finished number one and fixed the error by adding a heddle in the right shaft. I think it is fixed. Have woven a couple of repeats and it looks good….except for the first few picks. I am thinking seriously about doing some unweaving to fix whatever ails there. Unless I can talk myself into the fact that the hem might cover this. Hmmmm. Just about talked into that.

And this after a broken end! Which I fixed easily. Amazing how this used to be so stressful. Now I just shrug and fix. Oh well.

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Selvedge troubleshooting – success!

At least so far. I am employing all tips and hints! So in a way not very good troubleshooting because I don’t really know what is making the difference. But there does seem to be a difference. I have woven about 12 inches without any breaking. The actual selvedge end looks good, not frayed. So while I am not sure what has helped, this is what I am doing: angling the weft more, not as tight a tension, and letting the shuttle do it’s thing. At this rate, the last towel will be perfect!

I have this week off so I am planning a good balance of weaving and household tasks. I should be able to complete the towels and begin another project which I think will be the linen napkins.

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More on the broken selvedge end

Apparently this has happened to others!

I have found some reasons this is happening to me. Peggy Osterkamp discusses these reasons in this post: too much draw, not enough slack in the weft, or the weft is pulled too tightly at the selvedge. It could be any of these reasons!

I also found a great discussion on this topic in a Weavolution forum.

Food for thought and I need to sit down and figure it out. I may just get this right by towel number 4!


Weaving again – small problem with selvedge

I am weaving this weekend! I’m well into towel three.

I seem to have this small problem with my right selvedge – it keeps breaking! The yarn does look frayed and I don’t know what is causing the fraying.This is a new reed – are the dents ever that sharp? I am really puzzled by this. It’s easy enough to fix and I have done so multiple times. If anyone has any ideas, please post!