My journey into the world of weaving

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Weaving the second scarf

This scarf has the bamboo for the warp and I’m using the handspun camel as weft.


Not very clear – my phone does not take great pictures.

Here is my loom set up in my new home:


And if you look hard in this one, you can see my cat Rozzie behind the glass door:



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More on new project

This is a project to use up some of my stash. The warp is bamboo (left over from the baby blanket) and the weft will be alpaca and camel mixes! I’m taking on a plain weave. This was challenge enough!

I have threaded the heddles…it took a moment of consideration. I am so rusty! But it’s becoming smoother and smoother. Next is sleying the reed. I’ll update. This feels good!

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birthday fiber!

My sister was in New York City last week and came upon Purl Soho. And there she bought me for my birthday the following rovings:
gold merino tencel mix
natural baby camel merino top
gray merino cross top
This last is so unique! We had to google it immediately to find out what on earth it is. Here’s an answer. She gets to the bottom of what milk protein fiber is, including why it remains exotic and unique.
It will be fun to spin all of these fibers! Thank you, Nancy!