My journey into the world of weaving

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Weaving is smooth

And it’s true. This is a sweet little piece. 13 inches wide and abour 45 inches in length so far. Plain weave and using all handspun for warp and weft. Not sure what this will be. A scarf? Maybe if there is enough I can make a little vest from it.


Inventoried what I have. I bought a bunch of different fiber in the summer. What I did today was match what I bought with a pattern. So I have at least 3 projects lined up. Probably all on my Tools.

I want to do another double weave blanket on the Norwood sometime.

Now to get back into the spinning groove too.

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Still on that third piece but almost done

Weaving has slowed down these past few weeks as real life insists on intruding. But this weekend I’ll be taking the piece off and finishing. Then I have to figure out how to create vests from these cloths!

I will probably dress the loom with either something off the cuff or something that I have the fiber for and pattern. Probably the second as that has been waiting on the sidelines for a bit and may as well tackle.

Spinning on the Louet and loving the big bobbins and the ease. It’s fun to have two wheels and two looms!


Making cloth!

I have my third cloth warp on the loom! It is a hodgepodge of handspun and one fiber which I didn’t spin (the dark green). The warp colors are greens and rusts. The weft is an off white which had sparkles of sari fragments in it.

Third cloth

Here’s a picture of the first two together:

one and two

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Second cloth off of the loom

This second cloth is off the loom. I need to baste the ends and then wet finish it. Then it should be ready for sewing.

I am preparing a warp for a third piece of cloth. I am having a small challenge putting some colors together. I have 6 more bunches of 10 to warp and I am trying to figure out what color or colors. A light and dark green are the emphasis of this warp. There are 5 bunches of a mixed green and burgandy yarn. It’s kind of like painting, trying to figure out the composition. Ultimately I know I can’t go wrong – it’ll be what it is.

Spinning away still. Spinning a Leicester fiber and it does spin up very nicely.

I should be able to begin to dress the loom this weekend.

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Next project well underway!

I am weaving more cloth, using my handspun again. This cloth will be grays and whites and a few ends of colors thrown in. Same dimensions as the last.

I have sleyed the reed and am halfway through with threading the heddles. I’ll finish threading tomorrow and next weekend I’ll beam the warp and hopefully start weaving! Again a plain weave using more handspun as weft.