My journey into the world of weaving

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Ahhh back to weaving

I wove a nice bit tonight. Everything felt just right: good tension, nice selvedges, nice sheds, good throws. I’m about 3/4 of the way done with #3 bathmat. I will finish by this weekend and start the 4th!
In the meantime, I have pictures of new fiber. I am fast collecting quite an assortment! I’ve put some together but without intending that the colors be together. Though the Mango Moon and Pumpkin Juice don’t look too bad! But I want to do solid warps with both of them.
I am now considering trying a double-faced pattern that I picked up at the Guild for my next project! I want to try overshot very much and one of them looks manageable. I think. The pattern is from Robyn Spady.
Anyone do a double-faced before?
So back in the groove! I love it!

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Not weaving yet…..

But got all sorts of ideas milling about in my brain! How to use the new yarn? And what to weave next?
I have something really neat I am thinking about for my sisters. One got something salmon colored to wear; the other creamy. Those are nice colors! Hmmmmmmm.
Back to weaving tomorrow night without fail!

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Scarf progress

More than half done on the second scarf. This is very easy weaving! Shall I say almost boring? But no, it is very satisfying. A little problem with the right selvedge but nothing huge, nothing worth taking out!
I got my yarn from Halcyon yesterday. Again, the pink error! They have the wrong color with the wrong number online! So instead of the mauve, I got pink. I am keeping it. I am going to try for a different look – perhaps stripes! May be funky, may be just lovely. I won’t know until I start weaving it! Most likely I’ll start warping this week – may take a while – it’s a long warp of 7 yards!!!!!!!
And I still have the Dorothy project on the back burner. I think this weekend I may squeeze in some time and at least begin to dress the loom!

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Second bathmat is begun

I have just begun the second bathmat!
My weakness is the right side selvedge. It just seems a little tight and I don’t want to fuss with it too much. I think the waffle weave invites this bunching. Just a guess.
I like the colors I have chosen! Very pretty I think.
The waffle weave feels soft already! I can see why it’s perfect for towels or bathmats!
Off to Maine this weekend so not much weaving.

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Weekend of weaving

I am well into the weaving of the table runner.
I love working with the different colors. I began rather rigidly – each stripe an inch or so wide but then I just let loose at times. Some stripes are wider, some narrower.
I am following the color pattern: browns to reds to reds to brown.
The pattern is an undulating twill.
I had some readjustments this weekend: some weaving, wrong colors, and selvedge.
But nothing huge. And I learned a lot. I’m learning about throwing the shuttle, beating, rhythm, and weaving.
I am also learning how to change colors with the least impact on design and pattern.
And again, I note when I am tired it does affect my weaving.