My journey into the world of weaving


Scarves off the loom and measured!

They are 7 inches in width and each 68 inches in length! Fringe will be 7.5 inches. I had 28 inches total in loom waste. Interestingly, only about 5 inches at the front beam so the bulk was at the back beam.

This picture shows some interesting pattern stuff. I wove them a little differently but my fate was really cast with weft yarn and how it differentiated. The browns really do show, almost like stripes, in the scarf on right. More muted and contained in the scarf on the left.


They feel a little stiff but I think a wet finish will help with that. Next, fringe the ends and wash. Then trim off all loose ends.

Next project: angora wool blends and I don’t have a pattern in mind yet.


Weaving 10 more inches

I am still working on the crackle scarf – now 40 inches woven. This week has been full of distractions and I’m off to Maine for an overnight. But I look to the weekend to finish at least one of the scarves. The cold was defeated, happily.

I also want to inventory what I have done this year so I can see who is going to get what for Christmas! Plus it will be fun to see what I have done this year in one fell swoop! I will also take a picture of what I am offering for the Festive Towel Exchange (see, Meg, I haven’t forgotten – just been procrastinating!)

There’s another auction at Weavolution of weaving tools, ending tomorrow.

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Quick update

I am weaving, really I am. Work has dragged me away a bit much and I have been fighting a cold so my concentration and focus are a bit off. I’m looking to do some serious weaving on Saturday!

And I am liking the colors of this project more and more. Blues, purples, grays, and in-between shades of all three. It’s going well.

I do want to draw attention to Weavolution. It’s a blog right now, tracking the progress of the development of a social network of weavers! (Like the knitter’s Ravelry) There’s going to be an auction this Saturday until Monday to raise money for the program! Items will be posted on Saturday morning and it looks like there will be some good stuff! I plan to check the site first thing on Saturday!

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New crackle scarves begin

I have just begun to weave the scarves and have to make a decision already! The photo below will help explain. The first few rows show one pick of pattern weave and then two picks of tabby. Then I switch over to one pick of pattern weave and one pick of tabby. I think I like the one pick of tabby instead of the two. If anyone wants to weigh in, opinions welcome!