My journey into the world of weaving

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New project begun – more scarves, more crackle!

I really thought hard about what structure I wanted for this next project. As I flipped through all my books, I kept returning to the pages on crackle. I’ve decided to weave these next scarves with the crackle pattern. Why?

I really enjoyed the weaving, once I figured out the interplay of pattern picks and tabby. I see design room for this next set, using the same purple tabby I used in the last set of scarves. And, hey, the treadling doesn’t have to be undone!

I have beamed the warp and I am half-way through sleying the heddles. And this is easier now I understand blocks a bit more and the incidental ends! So it’s crackle again – it shouldn’t surprise me. I like weaving several projects with the same structure but with different fibers and colors! Here are the colors again for this new project:


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Scarves off the loom!

I finished weaving the second scarf and removed them from the loom!

The first scarf is 61 inches in length, 7.25 inches wide. The second scarf is 65 inches in length, same width. I wove the extra inches purposefully, to use up more of the warp. So that tells me I maybe figured too much for take-up!

I had 21 inches in all for loom waste, not too bad. Fringe is cut at 6.5 inches. Now to fringe and finish!

I feel a little more bonded with these scarves because of the weaving and unweaving and really learning about crackle, thanks to Peg. I can only imagine what it might have been like to take these scarves off the loom without the tabby holding everything together! Yikes.

In looking back, I began this project around September 23. I unwove around October 6 and began weaving. So not even a full month!

On to the next project which I’ll get onto the loom at least by tomorrow.

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Second scarf – more than half way done

The second scarf is moving right along. The treadling pattern is different – I think you can see that in this picture:


For some reason, I am enjoying this pattern more! Maybe because the treadling is just a bit more dynamic with reverses built in.

I have the next project all warped and ready to go…well, I need to decide what pattern but plenty of time for that!

My mother-in-law just moved to Florida and finds the cement walls a bit different. I have promised her wall hangings to help soften the effect!


One scarf done, the second begun

But first, I want to acknowledge Peg in South Carolina and all of her help. I would not be having this experience right now and I think it might have been my first real disaster off the loom! After her comment in my post below of “Almost no problems”, we had a rapid back and forth in email. Her explanations were clear and understandable. I am in awe of her and thus I am totally honored to headline her latest post!

That being said, the first scarf is 7 inches in width and 65 inches long. I expect about 5 inches of shrinkage. It was fun to weave, once I understood what I was doing! This first scarf had a treadling of 22334455.

I have decided to shake it up a bit with the second scarf with a treadling of 223344554433. I have only woven two repeats but I like it! And I have more than enough of the Mango Moon – no emergency purchase needed.


Crackle pop!

I’ve found a rhythm with this weaving. And it’s been easy to keep track of the length woven – 30 inches so far.

As I weave, I am understanding so much. I’m kind of glad I made the mistakes I have because I can see why it would have been a huge mistake with no tabby!

I think this shows the pattern emerging and it also shows my broken end is fully repaired and integrated back in!


I am wondering if I need more Mango Moon to finish two scarves with this warp. If I do, I know A Loom with a View always stocks this yarn!