My journey into the world of weaving

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I’m here! working on the blanket

Time does fly! What a winter – so much snow. And here it is, almost the end of March with still a couple of feet on the ground.
Dishtowels: they did make it off the loom but have yet to be finished. I moved my sewing machine downstairs so I am hoping that will be more conducive to finishing them in the near future. I need to baste the edges, wash, cut them apart, and hem them.
Baby blanket: all 1200 ends!This has taken me a while. When I arranged the bouts on the loom, I discovered I only had 1192 ends! What to do! If I didn’t add the ends would it mess up the pattern? More importantly would I know HOW to adapt the pattern? Answers: yes and no. So I added 4 ends on each side. They are tied onto the back beam rod so at least I won’t have them in their little containers tangling with each other.
I am now currently threading the heddles and this is going well, albeit slowly. I have threaded a third.
I will add pictures when there is something to see! But so far so good.

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Labor Day weaving and spinning

I have done a fair amount of spinning this weekend, getting to know my wheel again, all the quirks of it.

I am almost done with the second dish towel. This pattern was easy – a lot of the weft is in natural with color highlights. I am sure to get a third out of this warp, not so sure about a fourth but time will tell.

I truly cannot believe it is September. The summer flew by – time pushes us right into winter before we know it.

September is going to fly by too. My husband’s stone will be set on Sept. 14th and then I am off to the Commonground Fair for the whole weekend of September 19-21!

I am finding my rhythm again. It’s a little sporadic still but beginning to feel as it should!

And the best part is, I finally caught up with my broken ends! Two are very close together so it looks a little bunchy right now but I’m betting it will be just fine!

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“Napkins” off the loom

The “napkins” are finally off the loom (I began them in July!) I say “napkins” because I think they are really dish towels! I have washed all seven together and have cut them apart. Next I need to hem each and add my little label. I’ll be giving these as presents for sure. When they are all hemmed, I’ll take and post a picture, probably next weekend.

I am beginning to dress the Tools of the Trade with some handspun warp. I am thinking I’ll get two scarves out of this warp; the weft being more handspun. Most likely a plain weave.

And I finished spinning the Ashford wool roving. I had about a dozen different colors, about 4 oz in all. I mixed and meshed the colors. It spun really tight except for the last bunch which I really tried to spin loosely. Still tight. Not sure how it will weave.

A great way to end Thanksgiving.