My journey into the world of weaving

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Still weaving

I’m on vacation this week. Part One was spent in Florida; Part Two at home weaving and other fiber activities.

I have woven 30 inches plus now on the doubleweave blanket. I felt a bit rusty for a couple of picks but I am back in the rhythm. I really hope to finish this blanket this week! And of course, I will need a new project. In between weaving picks, I’ll be thinking on that.

I will also be spinning. I am plying the gray alpaca cria with some white wool fiber. When I finish that, all of the gray will have been spun. That may be my next project.

I also need to weave up some bookmarks, having given the last away.

And I need to research a bit of weaving I purchased in Florida. The tag is in Croatian and says it is from the former Yugoslavia. So more on that later.

Good to be home and good to have time to attend to my loom and wheel!

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The joy of doubleweave

I wove almost 10 inches today – it is tiring work! Weave an inch, remove the temple, check to make sure there are still two layers, advance the warp if needed, set the temple, weave an inch.

Not without some setbacks. The most serious thus far after the original mis-tie up, is I noted a glob of yarn on the underside several picks back. Worth unweaving? You bet. I did so and straightened out the glob and continued to weave.

But I am so excited this is working! Well, it should. I was fastidious in my set up and preparation.

Here’s almost 10 inches:

Almost 10 inches

Of course I gave a couple of hours to the second annual Winter Fuzz Fest in Exeter! I saw many friends and had many inspiring and useful converstations about weaving doubleweave, spinning, making garments, and seeing a demo of a very old wheel. The owner wove standing up! She said she preferred it to sitting. Instead of the feet treadling the wheel, you do so by hand! I did buy two balls of roving from Riverslea Farm. I haven’t even spun last year’s! but resistance is futile.


I have doubleweave!

I finished the threading and the sleying. I tied up the shafts; I got my treadling pattern (an easy right to left and left to right).

I wove 8 picks of scrap yarn to spread the warp. Then I raised shuttles 2 and 5…and misery, no double weave. So I checked the tie up and saw the error! I retied the second treadle to be correct. The scrap yarn was taken out and I rewove it!

And voila! doubleweave! Two actual separate layers! I can see why one must check often the two layers.



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Gathering for the next big project

I bought the yarn for the doubleweave blanket – Harrisville Highland. I actually got all the colors before some of them were discontinued. All save the blue on the right are for the warp.


Now this is a first for me. I purchased the yarn for the weft in two different places and there is a slight difference in color. I’m not sure how to proceed or if it will show tremendously. I’ll probably be inspired by some solution before I begin.


I am still weaving the second scarf, nearing the end.

second scarf