My journey into the world of weaving

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Threading error?

I am well into my first placemat. The p.p.i. fell a little short but I am happy with the weaving.

That is until I began to really study the pattern, which is another advancing twill. I think I have a threading error. It’s in the middle of the pattern. At first, I thought it was part of the pattern but it’s a slightly off-center kind of an effect. It’s an additional small diamond just to the right of the center. I think this shot shows it (the color is way off – I was trying for a close up!):
threading error?
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Taking the time

I could have beamed the warp tonight, really, I could have.
Instead, I took the time and straightened all the ends in the raddle. They weren’t bad but there were twists and cross-overs. I want this warp to be perfect! Well, near as I can get it.
So I took the time tonight. I didn’t rush myself. I breathed, you might say.
And it felt good.
I also took the time to evaluate, really evaluate the scarves. I figured out the shrinkage and draw in, all those numbers. I wasn’t too off, really. I even roughed out a future project for the same if I want to weave more scarves with the alpaca and bamboo silk.
And that felt good.
Taking the time, very good.