My journey into the world of weaving



The computer desk got removed and I moved the Tools of the Trade loom in. It sits serenely in a nice corner of the room – I’ll post a picture soon!

I am beginning to dress the loom with the warp I have, front to back. About half way done with ends through the raddle. I think this is an opportunity to experiment. Just not sure what yet. And while it’s a beginning, it’s slow. I’m off this coming weekend so won’t be doing any more. But no rush.

Pictures to come. I do want to document this one!

Finished plying on the wheel. That will come off, be counted, and washed. And I have more to spin of the same fiber.

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Beginning to dress the loom

I’ve got the bouts of yarn all laid out with lease sticks in place. This is a lot of yarn! It took me quite a while to figure out how to arrange 16 ends in each raddle section. Seems simple but I had wound the yarn in a complicated manner. I think once I get it all sorted and then wind onto the back beam, it should be ok.

This is a big project!

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Fiber finishings and beginnings

I am sewing the two blanket panels together. This blanket ain’t going anywhere! One panel is about 4 inches longer so I had to decide how to sew together. I decided to split the difference so there will be about 2 extra inches at either end for one half. In doing that, the pattern doesn’t quite match at all and I ended up sewing the “wrong” halves together. It isn’t serious; it’s just a matter of pattern after all.
Once sewn, I will trim all lengthy ends and then I’ll wash it.

I learned a lot from this weaving project. Not only beating but ppi is critical. Helpful to that is the temple which I basically learned how to use on this project. Consistency consistency! So I look forward to doing another blanket – probably in the new year. And actually, I think I’ll try my hand at doubleweave!

Meanwhile, I am dressing my Tools with the alpaca to make scarves. The pattern is taken from a recent Handwoven: plain weave and a variation of basketweave. It is a joy to dress the Tools – so small and compact and quick! I am surprised I remembered the paper in between! I am just about ready to thread the heddles. Once I have it all ready to weave, I’ll take some pictures.

Oh and I am so happy to be weaving downstairs!

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Ready to dress the loom!

It has taken me a few hours of both of these weekend days to finish the warp. This project is 34 inches wide! The widest I have ever woven! So it is done.

Then looking at the next steps, I see I want to make some adjustments. I am going to buy 2 or 3 rods 40 inches in length to tie the warp onto. Currently, to tie on the back beam is tying onto a very thick wooden dowel. I can’t puzzle how that would work for me so I’ll change it to a method I am familiar with.

I’ll put one on the front beam too; there’s a thin piece of wood now which actually would work. Maybe I’ll use before I make any changes.

So I am close! The warp will go on sometime this week!

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Beginning a new project

I love this part, I really do. I finished warping and admired the bouts all on their hooks. Tenderly I took them to the loom and prepared them for their journey.

As I am using some techniques from other weavers, I want to thank a couple of them! Leigh, thank you for the idea of the support bars – it makes sorting in the raddle so much easier. I’ve just taken Peg’s idea and bagged my bouts to keep them hopefully untangled.

Right now, my bouts are stretched out, arranged in the lease sticks, and still clumped as bouts in the raddle. I will sort tomorrow: 24 ends per raddle. The support sticks will come away and then I can beam.

I love these steps – I love process. I like to savor this part!