My journey into the world of weaving

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1200 ends is a lot of ends to thread

I took advantage of having a day off and thought I could complete the threading.
As I neared the last bunch of ends, I realized it was two off. Sigh.
So I began to check, from the beginning. The error was, of course, about half way through. An unfortunate repeat. So I added two heddles and have been unthreading in order to rethread. I’m about where I was when I started this morning!
I guess I’m a little rusty but 1200 is a lot of ends.


The warp from hell

I came so very close to ditching this project as I faced over 200 tangled ends. Who knew 8/2 unmercerized cotton would be so sticky? I didn’t! would it have been better to warp back to front after all? I suspect maybe.

But I plugged away, shaking, reshaking, untangling all the ends, and beaming slowly inch by inch.

The warp is beamed now and tied onto the front beam. All the ends are happy ends, albeit 8 or so inches shorter.

I need to tie up the treadles and then I think I can begin to weave!

Oh and yes, I had 4 broken ends so I have those to deal with.

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Ends are taken care of!

I unwarped the loom, replaced each “bad” end with a “good”, retied, rebeamed, and have begun weaving again. I am very pleased. Tension is definitely more even and the weaving will be straightforward – a plain weave. The warp is multiple skeins of my handwoven; the weft is some gray handspun llama. It’s looking good! One selvedge is a little rough because of the fiber I used but I’m keeping it. So a weaving I will go!

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New project underway: napkins

I bought the “magical napkin kit” from Lunatic Fringe Yarns. The fiber is unmercerized cotton in natural colors of white, dark green, and light green. The colors are supposed to get darker once washed.
Here are color cones:


There will be 6 napkins, woven in twill or plain weave. Experimentation is encouraged!

I have just about finished warping the 565 ends – one more bout. Then it all goes on the loom. I thought I was going to use my Tools – the project is only 20 inches in the reed but I don’t have enough heddles! So I use the Norwood.

I hope to get it sorted in the raddle by the end of today!