My journey into the world of weaving

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Finishing the cleaning of the fleece

This morning, I am washing the last of the fleece. This has taken quite a while!

I have carded a bunch into rolags. My rolags are short and squat. I am rolling them with the short length of what I have carded.

I spun up a bobbin of the fiber and last night, I plied with another fiber. I’ll wash that today and see how it looks. Plying on the Beauty went easily actually. She is still slow and she peddles harder than the Louet. It takes more effort.

I have a few days off and my attention will turn toward my weaving. I have finished 4 facecloths. I think I may have two more to go.

I also need to think about what goes on the loom next! It would be easy to do another set of scarves. But maybe I want to do something a little different. I have to work on that in the next couple of days.

So hurrah for time off!

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Working on the third facecloth

I am enjoying this weaving. The pattern is simple and the colors keep it interesting. I’m hoping the dimensions of 13.5 by 19 will work into a good cloth. That is taking into consideration the hemmed ends as well.

I spun up another skein so now I have about 550 yards of the dyed with the gray. Looks nice! I’m not sure what I will weave.

And in the back of my mind I continue to mull over making a piece of clothing for myself – a top.

Next weekend is Commonground Fair!

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Face cloths begin!

This project has evolved through a few stages. The idea came out of the latest Handwoven (S/O 2009, p. 34). There were a bunch of patterns to use up stash which I thought was a good idea. Dishtowels seemed to be a doable project; I like waffle weave!

However, I ran out of stash, unbelievably. So the dishtowels became face cloths! I had run out of stash even for the weft so I ended up buying something new for that.
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