My journey into the world of weaving

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The dishtowels have morphed into washcloths!

I thought I had tons of stash to work with! It certainly seemed like the drawer where I keep my stash was full to the gunnels.

But I have run out. The width was supposed to be 20 inches on the loom; I made it to 15. So readjustment! They will be washcloths – facecloths! They should match anyone’s towel collection as they are so multi-colored.

As to weft, I have just ordered some 5/2 pearl cotton. If I am ready to weave before it comes, I have some to do a sample or two.

Actually feeling relief with making a decision and having a definite direction for this project.

I also ordered some alpaca silk for more scarves to go with a couple of my handspun skeins.

On the backburner, I am puzzling over a curtain pattern which in the Handwoven it says advanced beginner. I still consider myself a beginner – how much of the advanced is really advanced?

And I am also seeking a tunic pattern. I’m seeing a lot of ideas and am realizing I will have to adapt.

Weaving is very much a multi-task activity!

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A Weekend of Weaving

My favorite kind!

I pulled out the sewing machine and I finally finished the last two facecloths – they are hemmed. Then I changed thread and sewed the edges of the placemats. They got washed and dried today. losing a couple of inches in length and about 1 inch in width. I have cut them apart and trimmed the edges. They are ready to be hemmed and finished! That should happen tomorrow.

I also warped two more bouts of the new project; one more to go. I’ve made another change in plans with this project. The placemats from the first are actually better table runners! So with this new project, it will be placemats all the way. I think I can get at least 6 out of the warp.

My husband taught me how to use his CAD program and now I can do a computer draft of the pattern! I’m doing that right now to get a sense of the pattern I have chosen. It’s looking good!

To finish up the day, I did a little loom maintenance: tightened up the bolts and dusted it. I vacummed all around. So it’s all ready to be dressed! I should be able to beam the warp tomorrow.


Face cloths – completed

For the most part. I have two left to hem and they all need to be ironed. But they are done! I am quite pleased. The pattern had them finishing at 12 1/4 by 12 1/4 and mine are definitely within that measurement, give or take.

The hemming went fairly smoothly! Here’s the back side of the hemming:
face cloths

And here’s the front side:
face cloths

Leigh’s recent collective posting on hemming really helped. What I decided to do was to sew a zig-zag on each hem, then I cut them apart. I washed them and then snipped loose ends and trimmed the edges. I hemmed with a straight stitch. And then I washed again. They just need to have an iron put to them but I consider them done!


Dressing and hemming

Today, I have begun to dress the loom with the ink blue warp for the placemats. I have gone slowly and thoughtfully. I am just at the point of straightening the ends in the raddle, then I can beam the warp.
Place mats

I have also hemmed and cut the wash cloths apart! They are in the washing machine as I type! It’s out of my hands now: how much will they shrink? will they totally unravel? I’ll know in less than an hour.

I am so pleased! They shrank a little, the waffle weave popped out just the right amount, and they feel soft to the touch! My husband immediately wiped his forehead with one! (Don’t worry, I’ll wash them again!) Here they are, ready for the final hemming:
Face cloths

Pictures to come on the progress of these two projects but Leigh’s question asking me if I had hemmed or not got me going! Enough procrastination! I did read her posting on “Hemming Handwoven Fabrics” before I sat before my sewing machine. It was immensely helpful and I was able to think clearly about my steps. It’s been so long since I’ve sewed anything! It was a little rocky to begin with but then I found my groove.