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Miniature scarf off loom!

I decided to cut off the small scarf to see what I had rather than wait. It is 30 inches long! Tiny. But rather nice. I know just the person to give this to – my mother-in-law (I don’t think she even knows about this blog or has access!). I have fringed it and washed it. It is drying now. I will be interested to see the shrinkage.

mini scarf

I began the next scarf and decided to use 3 different weft colors and weave them somewhat randomly. I have the pattern of the advanced twill to follow but I’m just playing with the colors!

new scarf

And here’s a picture of the Earth Guild fiber I just got at the last Weavolution auction:

auction fiber

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New projects

I did finish the crackle scarves. They lost half an inch in width and a couple in length. I am keeping one for myself and giving the other away.

I am already weaving the new project with alpaca and bamboo. It’s an advanced twill. The weft yarn is multicolored which I think impacts the design a lot. In other words, I don’t see the zig zag very clearly. But I like all the colors!


I bid on and won these yarns from the Weavolution auction online. They are from Paradise Fibers. I know something wonderful can be woven with these colors!


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Scarf off the loom!

Off the loom, the scarf measures 68 inches in length, 7.5 inches width, and the fringe is 8 inches. I am of course expecting shrinkage! I am expecting the finished scarf to be 60 inches in length, 6 inches wide, and fringe to be 6 inches. Fulling will tell!

I am liking both sides. It is a weft dominant weaving so the Mango Moon is strong on one side. On the other, the warp shows more. Which I thought was more reddish but it really kind of looks brownish. The two sides really look different too – almost looks like I wove two scarves!

Mango moon scarf

I know who I am giving this to and I think she’ll be appreciative! But more, I think she will like it!