My journey into the world of weaving

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Still on that third piece but almost done

Weaving has slowed down these past few weeks as real life insists on intruding. But this weekend I’ll be taking the piece off and finishing. Then I have to figure out how to create vests from these cloths!

I will probably dress the loom with either something off the cuff or something that I have the fiber for and pattern. Probably the second as that has been waiting on the sidelines for a bit and may as well tackle.

Spinning on the Louet and loving the big bobbins and the ease. It’s fun to have two wheels and two looms!

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Blanket is finished

I did a wash with Orvus Paste as recommended. I did not treat with hair conditioner, even though that was recommended!

Final measurements has the blanket at 74 inches long and 54 inches wide. Of course, now that I looking at it, I do see a little error here and there. But nothing major so it still constitutes a miracle! I think my mom was hinting at me giving it to her and while she may yet end up with it, I didn’t want to give it away just yet. It’s on the back of our sofa.

I am preparing to do a set of bath towels next. I haven’t begun the warp yet but will soon!

Spinning with the Louet is a delight and smooth so I am enjoying that.

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I didn’t get as much weaving done as I wanted. I got hit with a bad cold at the end of vacation and that is just clearing up now! I go to Maine next weekend but then I should have some good time to do some weaving. I want to finish the project by that second weekend in March – that is get it off the loom so that I might finish it! I didn’t want my loyal visitors to think all was abandoned!

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Off the loom!

The two scarves are off the loom and measured. One is 63.5 inches in length (all white alpaca) and the other is 71.5 inches in length (white/gray alpaca). Fringe will be 4.5 inches on each. The width on each is 10.5. I will now fringe and wash them. One is going to my mother but I don’t know which one! I’m thinking the white.

Next up is dressing the loom for my “stash” scarves, using a variety of handspun. I am using the same pattern so they should weave up quickly.

Pictures to come.