My journey into the world of weaving


Scarves finished, holiday frenzy

I finished the scarves.

The green one is 7 inches wide; 57 inches in length.
The lilac one is also 7 inches wide; 64 inches in length. So they both lost .5 in width; 6 inches in length.

lilac scarf

green scarf

They are ready for their new owners!

The frenzy comes from me realizing that while all my pieces have been washed, dried, and loose ends snipped, I did not finish off the fringe! So I am snipping there on everything. Then everything gets wrapped up!

Whew. Everyone is getting a handwoven! I’ll be done by the weekend, I should think. Then I’ll take a deep breath and get ready for my big project: to self-instruct in some advanced weaving techniques. I’ll gladly accept any tips or hints on this!

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Purple scarf begun

I finished the green. Hemstitching took a long time for some reason. On the loom, measurements are 67 inches in length, 7.25 in width, and 7 inches of fringe on each end.

I began the purple scarf. I’m figuring I’ll be finishing this one within a couple of weeks – just in time for Christmas!


Green scarf begun

And not without error! I had woven the filler and the tabby margin when I noticed one of the ends wasn’t lifting up all the way in the shed. Holding it, I was able to follow its path back to the heddles where I saw one end had twisted around another heddle! I thought I had double checked those heddles! So everything came out and I untied that particular bunch and rethreaded the two ends and sleyed them as well. Then I wove the filler and the tabby margin once more. Not a tragedy because the selvedges looked better this second time around!

I am 20 inches into this project. It is complex. I have lost focus once and had to unweave about 8 ends and then try to find my place in the pattern which I did.

Green Scarf

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New project beamed

I have the new project (2 scarves) beamed onto the loom! So far, this project has been without error! I am enjoying that but well aware that anything can happen!

I have chosen a herringbone twill pattern for the first scarf. I may change pattern for the second as I did for the first set. The treadling is pretty complex so that means focus! But I imaging they will go quickly. They are 8 inches wide on the loom and I have a 5.5 warp. The fiber is 8/2 pearl cotton. Same colors as the first set!


I will thread the heddles and sley the reed today, most likely, avoiding household chores!


Scarves finished

The scarves are finished. Washed, dried, ends snipped where needed. And measurements done.

Very interesting. Somehow I neglected to weave the extra length to account for shrinkage! I haven’t done that before. So the purple, which was beaten more vigorously shrank 6 inches, down to 52 inches in length. The green with a looser beat shrank 4 inches to 54 inches. In width, they both shrank and took up an inch. So the final width is 11 inches. Fringe also shrank from 6 inches to 5.

Not quite what I imagined but I am happy all the same with the weaving.
Here they are:

Finished scarves

I sat right down, with all of this in mind, and planned the next set of scarves with the same yarn. They are going to be narrower in width – 7 inches. They will be 60 inches in length and I will ensure that with weaving extra. And the fringe will also be long enough.

For pattern, I am going to look at twills still but perhaps more “electricity”!

There is no getting into comfortable grooves with weaving, I am finding. Each has taught me different things and just when I think I have mastered “something”, my weaving experience tells me differently. But I find it all absorbing and I am still totally engaged!