My journey into the world of weaving

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3rd piece off, beginning a 4th

At least I am feeling productive! This 4th piece is going to be 4 yards in length to give me a little more cloth for perhaps sleeves, to make a tunic. I’m using my handspun: a mixture of stuff I spun quite a while ago and more recently. I am spinning now the weft!
It’ll be reds and grays and charcoals.


Making cloth!

I have my third cloth warp on the loom! It is a hodgepodge of handspun and one fiber which I didn’t spin (the dark green). The warp colors are greens and rusts. The weft is an off white which had sparkles of sari fragments in it.

Third cloth

Here’s a picture of the first two together:

one and two

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Next project well underway!

I am weaving more cloth, using my handspun again. This cloth will be grays and whites and a few ends of colors thrown in. Same dimensions as the last.

I have sleyed the reed and am halfway through with threading the heddles. I’ll finish threading tomorrow and next weekend I’ll beam the warp and hopefully start weaving! Again a plain weave using more handspun as weft.