My journey into the world of weaving

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Ends are taken care of!

I unwarped the loom, replaced each “bad” end with a “good”, retied, rebeamed, and have begun weaving again. I am very pleased. Tension is definitely more even and the weaving will be straightforward – a plain weave. The warp is multiple skeins of my handwoven; the weft is some gray handspun llama. It’s looking good! One selvedge is a little rough because of the fiber I used but I’m keeping it. So a weaving I will go!

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4th napkin done

On this Labor Day, I have “labored” on my weaving! I finished the 4th napkin, playing around with a plaid look.


I think I am going to get a fifth napkin out of the warp, maybe a twin to the one I just finished.

Then I have to think of my next project. I have a lot of handspun needing to be used. Scarves? Fabric? I like the idea of trying to do a vest.

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Weaving continues…..

Just not at a great rate! I finished the third napkin today and began the fourth. So that project is progressing. Wouldn’t it be nice if I finished before the end of August!

Spinning away. I have quite a stash of handspun so I think my next project has got to be something with that. I would like to spin some material to make into a tunic and wonder if I have enough? That’s a project in of itself to figure out!

I did go to the Fiber Revival last weekend and purchased some more fiber. Some alpaca/wool mix from ParkerRiver Alpacas and a skein from Enchanted Knoll.

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New project – placemats

I am preparing the warp of the new project – placemats. I am using 3/2 unmercerized cotton for the warp and the same plus some 3/2 mercerized cotton for the weft. The pattern comes from Handwoven, November-December 2009.

Before I can start that on the loom, I have to get the handspun scarves off. I have finished one and am half way done with the second. The weft of the second scarf is gray alpaca. I had toyed with the idea of mixing in some other yarn but I like the overall muted look of the gray. It looks cozy!

I’ll get some weaving done this morning but then I am off to cross-country ski with my niece!