My journey into the world of weaving


I have doubleweave!

I finished the threading and the sleying. I tied up the shafts; I got my treadling pattern (an easy right to left and left to right).

I wove 8 picks of scrap yarn to spread the warp. Then I raised shuttles 2 and 5…and misery, no double weave. So I checked the tie up and saw the error! I retied the second treadle to be correct. The scrap yarn was taken out and I rewove it!

And voila! doubleweave! Two actual separate layers! I can see why one must check often the two layers.



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Threading the heddles!

I beamed the warp (took off the raddle a little too soon), counted and sorted the heddles, and have begun to thread them.

I had to figure out how to raise the shafts so I could thread the heddles without undue physical hardship. Unlike my Tools, I can’t lower the front beam to get closer to the heddles. I just want everything at the same level so my arms aren’t strained.

I knew these weaving books would come in handy!

shafts raised

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Rethreading, take two

While this has been very slow and frustrating, I am rethreading. I am on take two because my first strategy did not work but it helped with the second so I can’t say I’ve lost.

The threading was confusing to me until I figured out how to keep it straight in my head. Basically I have written out post-its for every repeat in the pattern and mark off when I have finished a series of 4 ends.

I showed my husband the first placemat with the error and he couldn’t see it. For a moment or two, nor could I! But there it was. Now it was in the middle; I could have left it in as a design feature. But that’s not facing what I need to face which is I need and want to learn how to fix or correct any errors I come across. And not only that, but learn from them. I already have learned from this.

In the meantime, this is where I am:

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Placemats begin in earnest!

The warp is beamed and I have begun to thread the heddles. The pattern is an advanced twill and it is complex! I repeat the threading sequence 5 times and I only got one bunch threaded last night!

I spent time with my draft paper, trying the pattern out, trying to understand it. After one mistake (and I’m glad it was only on paper!), I got the pattern to begin to emerge. It does help to do this.

I’ll finish threading by the weekend and then sley the reed. I might be able to actually start weaving! But whatever time it takes, it takes. As Marie says haste can make waste!

Focus is key here – no straying of thoughts! It’s a challenge for me but I am up to it.

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Threading and sleying

Ends are arranged in the raddle, the weaver’s cross resurrected, the heddles are threaded, and the reed is sleyed! Sounds like a quick little job.

But no. I’ve gone back and forth on the threading, wanting to experience something different. I am doing a block weave. I think. I hope. I actually removed some of the threading, thinking I would do a different threading. But I came back to my original plan. I was glad I took out the threading because I recounted the heddles needed. Still ended up with too many on shaft two! Oh well.

The fiber is left over from the table runners of the summer. I actually haven’t decided what my weft is going to be! That’s for tomorrow.